Principal Author:


"Detection of the FirstObserved Outburst of DW Cancri," JAAVSO Volume 36 , #1, 2008





Listed as a co-Author of the Following Papers:  



A New Cataclysmic Variable inHercules,” Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific, December,2004.


Multicolor Observations” of ASAS002511+1217.2, Information Bulletin on Variable Stars, 5611.1, March, 2005  


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"TheDetection of the WZSge-type Nature of the Dwarf Novae ASAS 023322-1047.0 and ASAS1052522-1542.4," by the Center for Backyard Astrophysics and Submitted tothe SAS Conference, May, 2006.


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"A Search for SS Cyg OutburstPredictors."  Publications of the Astronomical Society of thePacific, December 2007


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"Photometry of Hubble's First Cepheid In the Andromeda Galaxy, M312." 31st Annual Symposium On Telescope Science proceedings, 2012, pp 3, Society For Astronomical Sciences.


Published Astronomy Articles


“Star Dust Chair Review”

     Rod Mollise's SkyWatch,September-October, 2003

     & The Rosette Gazette (Rose City Astronomers)  Novermer2003


“A Field Review of Celestron’s 9.25Advanced GT Telescope”

     Rod Mollise’s Skywatch, Winter, 2004

The Rosette Gazette (Rose City Astronomers) January, 2004

“Clear Skys Dome Review”

     Rod Mollise’s Skywatch, Spring, 2004

“Sight Savers Review”          

     The Rosette Gazette (Rose City Astronomers) June, 2004


“3rd High-Enery AstrophysicsWorkshop for Amateur Astronomers ”

     The Rosette Gazette (Rose City Astronomers) May, 2005

"Variable Star Observing"

     The Rosette Gazette (Rose CityAstronomers) July, 2005


"Contribute to Science byObserving Variable Stars"

     Amateur Astronomy # 49, Spring 2006

Book Review "The Immortal FireWithin - Life and Work of Edward Emerson Barnard"

     The Rosette Gazette (Rose CityAstronomers) June, 2006

"My First Variable-Star Observation - A Series ofMisadventures"

     The Journal of the RoyalAstronomical Society of Canada (JRASC) June, 2006


"Sideral Time Is OurFriend"

The Rosette Gazette (Rose CityAstronomers) March, 2007


"Playing" With A 1.82Meter Scope Doing Spectroscopy"

      TheRosette Gazette (Rose City Astronomers) January, 2008

"The Rool-Off Roof Design vs Dome StyleObservatories"

       AAVSO Newsletter, Issue No. 38, October 2008


 "Contributing To Science With Your CCD Equipment

     Amateur Astronomy # 62, Summer 2009

Comet Ikeya-Zhang & M31



Photo taken from Big Lake Alaska

(Beaver Lakes Observatory)



Published in 2003 Astronomy's Explore           the Universe, Page 101       


135mm lens, Kodak 400 Royal Gold Film, 3 Minute Exposure-Piggy Back on 12 inch SCT, 4/4/2002



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