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Sikhote-Alin (IIB):                                                                    


154.2 grams   Individual


Iron (IIB) Fell on Feb. 12, 1947 Eastern Siberia, Russia. This is the largest recorded witnessed meteorite fall in history! At 10:38 A.M. a large fireball as bright as the Sun appeared traveling from North to South. A very famous Russian artist named Medvedev was sitting outside starting a sketching when the fireball appeared overhead. He immediately drew what he saw, which is now the same painting which is on the Russian postage stamp commemorating the event. The meteorite impacted in the mountains with a huge explosion which was felt over 100 miles away! It made over 100 craters of different sizes when the meteorite broke apart just before impact. This was a very important fall because scientists arrived days afterwards to study the fresh impact site. They found two different types of the meteorite! There were many thousands of pieces of torn, twisted, sharp edged pieces called Shrapnel, since they are like torn bomb fragments, and the incredibly beautiful regmaglypted individuals like the one here. This was a result of the low explosion which ripped the meteorite apart. Thousands of large trees were shredded and ripped apart by these shrapnel pieces. This meteorite would have been devastating had it hit a town.


Bendego iron octahedrite, class IC iron

Came down in Monte Santo, Bahia, Brazil in ancient times, and first found in 1784. Bendego iron is classified as coarse octahedrite, class IC iron, with bandwidth of 1.8mm. Bendego has degraded over the years, but this still has a high metal content, and draws to magnets . This specimen weighs 7.3 grams, and measures 31mm across.

                                                  7.3 grams


Clifford L6           

                                               2.96 grams

A nicepart slice (with a bit of crust) of the recently recognized meteorite from Lincoln County, Colorado. This meteorite was originally found in 1962 and put into a rock garden where it sat until 1997 when someone thought it may be a meteorite. Well its now official and the name has been confirmed as Clifford and classed as an L6. Total known weight is ~8-10 kilograms and the bulk of this is off the market in a private collection.


Dhurmsala (LL6)

                      Dhurmsala 3    4.91 grams    Partslice

Dhurmsala Stone, chondrite, (LL^). The Dhurmsala meteorite fell on July 14, 1860 at 14:15 hrs, in the Kangra District, Himachal Pradesh, India.  Several large stones fell after a fireball. Even though there is a good deal of this meteorite, it is rarely available. Most is in India . This piece was originally  acquired from the Natural History Museum in London


GREAT BEND (H6 Chondrite)

                                                                    2.9 gram part slice

The GREAT BEND, KANSAS Meteorite. It was found in Barton County,Kansas in 1983. This meteorite has been classified as an H6 Chondrite. Originally From The MICHAEL COTTINGHAM METEORITE COLLECTION.  28.77kg total fall.


Hope Creek, . Stone, LL6,

Found, 1998

North Star Borough, Fairbanks, Alaska

                                                                1.45 g

Hope Creek is an uncommon LL6, which indicates that the metal content is among the lowest of the stone meteorites.  As well, the 5th edition of the Catalog of Meteories (Grady, 2000) lists only three meteorites from Alaska, and Hope Creek isn't one of them! As far as I know, the other three are not available to collectors.  In addition, the total known weight (TKW) of Hope Creek is only 9.8 kg and 5.7 kg remains with the finder. All this makes Hope Creek an uncommon meteorite from an uncommon location which is not commonly available! The only stony meteorite from Alaska, known as of date and is described in Meteoritical Bulletin #84.  This was discovered while a prospector was  searching for gold with a metal detector.




                                                                          43.5 g H5

A stone of 8.63kg was found in 1938 in Grayson County, TX.  Most all of this specimen is in the TCU collection and this part slice was originally sold on behalf of Texas Christian University, the home of the Oscar Monig Collection, In May of 2001.


Round Top (b) H4

                                   H4 21.1 g

It was found in 1939, in Fayette County, Tx  and the TKW is 7.166kg.

This is one of several meteorites that were originally sold on behalf of Texas Christian University, the home of The Oscar Monig Collection, in May of 2001.


 Wickenburg L6


This specimen weighs 5.3g and measures 26mm x 18mm x ~3.5mm.

It was found in Maricopa County, Arizona, USA, several years prior to it being recognized as a meteteorite in 1940. Wickenburg is classified a Stone (L6) black chondrite.

"While calling upon prospectors in Arizona in 1940, we were referred to A.J. Kellis in Wickenburg. Mr Kellis had been a prospector for some forty years. He was sure he had never found a meteorite believing that they were all composed of nickel iron and would be readily recognized. He was shown a stony meteorite which he examined, then he said, "well, if that is a meteorite I may have one in my rock pile out here in the yard." A thirty pound aerolite was found at the foot of a large stack of ore and rock samples. Thus was added to the Arizona list the first stony meteorite since the Holbrook fall of 1912. ( "The Nininger Collection of Meteorites", H.H. Nininger, 1950, p.119)




Meteorite Collection

#DescriptionClassTypeDate Of FallDate FoundLocation of FallWeight- GramsDate PurchasedPurchased From
1Sikhote-AlinIIBIndividual2/12/47unknownE. Siberia,Russia154.2002/15/01Mike Farmer; Tucson, AZ
2Gold BasinL4Individual23,000BC?1995Mohave, Arizona37.6302/15/01Mike Farmer; Tucson, AZ
3Canyon DiabloIAWhole30,000BC?unknownFlagstaff, Arizona200.1002/15/01Eric Twelker; Juneau, AK
4TatahouineADIOFragment1931unknownTatahounine, Tunisia1.5502/15/01Eric Twelker; Juneau, AK
5Dar al Gani 476 (Mars Origin)SHEThin Slabunknown5/1/88Dar al Gani, Sahara0.6163/9/01Eric Twelker; Juneau, AK
6DhurmsalaLL6Part Slice7/14/1860unknownKangra District, India4.9103/13/01Mike Farmer; Tucson, AZ
7BilangaADIOFragment w/FC10/27/99unknownBurkina, Faso3.1703/13/01Mike Farmer; Tucson, AZ
8Sahara S 99031 
Thin Slabunknown6/22/09Sahara Desert, Africa3.9103/1/01Meteorite Magazine
9ImilacPALFragmentunknown1822Atacama Desert, Chile6.2004/5/01Enchated-Treasures
10GibeonIVAPieceunknown1836Namibia, Africa120.0004/5/01Meteorites from A to Z
11Hope CreekLL6Part Sliceunknown1998Fairbanks, Alaska1.4004/5/01Branch Meteorites
11aHope CreekLL6Part Sliceunknown1998Fairbanks, Alaska0.9304/7/01Brranch Meteorites
12Portales ValleyH6Thin Slice6/13/98unknownRosevelt Cnty, NM0.4904/7/
12aPortales ValleyH6Thin Slice6/14/98unknownRosevelt Cnty, NM8.0007/25/01Intrntl Meteorite Brokerage
13Dhofar 020H4/5Fragmentunknown2000Oman26.0004/9/01Matthew K.D. Bento
14Calcalong CreekLUN ImbMicro Mountunknown1960?Wiluna Dist, W. AustraliaMM4/23/01Big Bang Meteorites
15BendeggoOg ICFragmentunknown1784Monte Santo, Bahia Brazil7.3004/28/01Meteor Planet
16Round Top (b)H4Part Sliceunknown1939Fayette County, TX21.1005/5/01Meteoritebroker for TCU
17HoweH5Part Sliceunknown1938Grayson County, TX43.5005/5/01Meteoritebroker for TCU
18Tulai (a)H3/4Full Sliceunknown1917Swisher County, TX38.6005/5/01Meteoritebroker for TCU
19Norton CountyAUBFragment2/18/48unknownNorth County, KS0.4105/16/01Mike Farmer; Tucson, AZ
20MurchisonCM2Part Slice9/28/69unknownVictoria, Australia0.4405/16/01Mike Farmer; Tucson, AZ
21CliffordL6Part Slice w/FCunknown1962Lincoln County, CO2.9605/16/01Scott Brey
22Wagon MoundL6sliceunknown1932Mora County, NM11.1005/17/01Michael Cottingham
23Great BendH6Part Sliceunknown1983Barton County, KS2.9005/17/01Michael Cottingham
24WickenburgL6Part Sliceunknown1940Maricopa Country, AZ5.3007/3/01John Gwilliam
25EnsisheimLL6Micro Mount11/7/1492unknownEnsisheim, Alsace FranceMM7/26/01Dave ? , UK
1IndochiniteLayeredWholeunknownunknownLaos10.0323/8/04Bob McG



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