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My Life Long interest in Astronomy began in 1950, at the age of 10, when I discovered that my neighborhood library, Hollywood Branch, in Portland, Oregon, carried S&T; however, I did not acquire my first scope until I purchased a 10” Dob in 1997 or 1998 while living in Anchorage, AK.   In 1999 I purchased my second scope, aMeade ETX 125.      

In 2000 I built a roll-off roofObservatory,  to house my next scope, a Meade 12” LX200, about 60 miles North of Anchorage (Beaver Lakes ).


                                                                (Photo By Richard Berry, 2008)  

In 2001 I also joined the AAVSO(American Association of Variable Star Observers) and started doing visual observations of Variable Stars.  My first Visual Variable Star observationwas of SS Cyg on 9/29/01.

In November 2002 we moved to our retirement home in Arch Cape, Oregon, where I built a ground deck with a Clear Sky’s Observatory Dome to house the transplanted 12” scope (photo on Home Page), which saw first light (again) in June 2003 .  This Telescope was replaced in Sept of 2013 with a Celestron CPC Deluxe 1100 HD because of gear wear affecting imaging.

In the fall of 2003 I attended an“Imaging the Sky’s Conference” in Salem organized by  Mel Bartels, Richard Berry, Jim Girard, David Haworth, Rick Kang and Nick Liepins, where Jim Jones, fellow RCA member (and now AAVSO member), helped to encourage me to purchase a CCD.  In late January of 2004 I received a CCD (ST-9E) from theSanta Barbra Instrument Group and began using it for integrations of Variable Star Fields with my first CCD report occurring on February 8, 2004 (UGem).  

In March of 2005 I attended a High-Energy Astrophysics Workshop for Amateur Astronomers, sponsored in part by NASA, at the University of New Mexico, which included a workshop on AdvancedCCD Photometry.   


December 5th - 12th, 2007 found me at the Dominion Astrophysical Observatory being turoted by good friend Rick Huziak in the operation of the 72" Plasket Telescope and it's spectroscope, for Dr. Gordon Sarty.  The 72" Plasket Telescope is located outside of Victoria, BC, Canada. Dr. Sarty had us taking spectrographic images of HMXB's (High Mass X-Ray Binary's) Variable Stars to further his research. While there I wrote a preliminary operaton manual for the telescope, spectrograph and the assocatiated control computers.

photo: Astro-Canada.ca


From October 29th to November 9th, 2008, I was back at the Dominion Astrophysical Observatoty, invited by Dr. Sarty, to operate the spectroscope imagaing HMSB's again.  Except for a an hour tutorial by Dave Balam on centering the slit on the target star, I operated the Dome,  Telescope and Spectrographic equipment solo.  I finished and refined an operating manual, including photographs for Dr. Sarty and future operators. The Observatory has sleeping and cooking quarters on site for the operators.  Photo at right shows me filling the dewar with liquid nitrogen to chill the CCD. Photo was taken by my good friend Don Mcafee who was visiting me that night.


AAVSO Meetings Attended:  

2005: 94th Spring Meeting, Las Cruces, NM

2007: 96th Spring Meeting, Calgary, Alberta Canada (Joint with RASC & ALPO)

2009: 97th Spring Meeting, Big Bear, CA (Joint with SAS)

2011: 100th Fall Meeting, Cambridge & Woburn, MA

2012: 101st Fall Meeting, Woburn, MA



Tim "Hosting" A Table For The AAVSO at ALCON 2007



10,000 CCD Observations Contributed To The AAVSO International Data Base, September, 2005

25,000 CCD Observations Contributed To The AAVSO International Data Base, September, 2006

50,000 CCD Observations Contributed To The AAVSO International Data Base, September, 2007

100,000 CCD Observations Contributed To The AAVSO International Data Base, September, 2010


                                                                             to ByRichard "Doc" Kinne, 2012)                                                                

(11th) AAVSO William Tyler Olcott Distinguished Service Award, November 3rd, 2012  





2005 - "Variable StarObserving," Oregon Star Party

2007 - "First Observed Outburstof DW Cnc," Paper, AAVSO Spring - Astronomy Roundup 2007

            "Introduction to Visual & CCD Observing of Variable Stars,"ALCON 2007     

OMSI Astrometry & PhotometryWorkshop    

            "The Case For Science Observing"

            "Organizations That Mentor Science Obserevers and-or Accept dataFrom Amateurs"

            "Choosing a Suitable Science CCD Camera"

2008 -   "VisualVariable Star Observing," Rose City Astronomers Science SIG

2010 -   " CCDVariable Star Differential Photometry," OMSI Astronomcial Photometry,

              Spectroscopy & Astrometry Workshop 2010.



2012 -   "Variable Star Observing With CCD's" & "Differential Photometry," Imaging The Sky                 Conference 2012 (May 6th)

               "Mentoring, A Shared Responsibility," AAVSO 101st Fall Meeting 2012 (November 3rd)




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